Friday, July 28, 2017

Laskay Hall moves to Kinghorn ~ end of August

Photos by Barry Wallace
The 156-year-old Laskay Hall (1859) is scheduled to be moved to its new home in Kinghorn at the end of August.   Its new location will be between the new King Heritage & Cultural Centre and the 166-year-old King Immanuel Baptist Church (1851) See photos below.

In the photo above, taken from the King Road, the space for the Laskay Hall is seen between the King Heritage & Cultural Centre, on the left, and the old Baptist Church on the right.   The photo below was taken from behind the two buildings mentioned and looks south towards the King Road and the fields beyond.

Surveyors were spotted (photo right) on the grounds of the King Heritage and Cultural Centre on Wednesday of this week, preparing for the siting of the Laskay Hall and the siting of a bandshell to be erected on the northeast corner of the property.   
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Barry Wallace

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