Tuesday, November 24, 2015

15 Trumpeter Swans on McKenzie Marsh

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Monday morning of this week was cold and most of the McKenzie Marsh in Aurora, just east of Yonge Street, had a thin layer of ice on it.   The marsh is located on both the north and south sides of the St. John's Sideroad and is well used by dozens of species of birds.   On Monday morning, there were about 100 Canada Geese and 15 Trumpeter Swans (11 adults and four, almost full-size youngsters).   This is the largest number of Trumpeters I have seen at one time.   West of Aurora, beyond Bathurst Street, five at one time is the most I have seen in King Township.   The 15 big Trumpeters on McKenzie Marsh made the Canada Geese look like pipsqueaks.   The Trumpeter Swan Society of America states the wingspan of a Trumpeter can be between 7 and 8' wide!   The weather is to get a little warmer this week, so the very thin ice may disappear and swans might hang around for a few more days.   They are an impressive sight.

Thin ice and a dusting of snow were on the McKenzie Marsh on Monday morning.   The boardwalk on the north side of the St. John's Sideroad has a large excellent identification chart (see below) of the many birds and waterfowl that inhabit the wetland, although most are now in warmer southern climes.

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Barry Wallace


  1. It was quite the scene on the weekend. When i drove by there were at least three dozen folks watching, i pulled over to see what was going on (the crowd was unusual), and was surprised myself as well.