Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lacebys endorse historic designation

 Photos by Barry Wallace
  Historic designation sought for King Road properties
One moment word was going around that a request to demolish the two King Road properties, pictured above and below, was underway and then shortly after, on October 19, King Township council decided to initiate the historical designation process, with the complete support of the property owners, Jeff and Mike Laceby.   The property at 2169 King Road houses the Laceby Real Estate offices, while the building at 2175 King Road (once known as the wedding cake house) is home to former King Township mayor Margaret Black's law office.   The October 29th edition of the King Connection newspaper quotes a letter to council, from the Lacebys, stating: "We look forward to working with the Township of King to continue to preserve the historical components of our properties as well as to enhance the properties and potentially redevelop them in the future".    

Below are two photos which show how historical homes have been absorbed by property re-development schemes in Maple and King City.   The first photo shows an old home on Keele Street, in Maple, that has been engulfed by re-development.   The original house appears to be intact and integrated into its new setting.   There is however somewhat of a visual disconnect, architecturally, between the old and the new.   Hopefully, it has been well received, in the community. The bottom photo shows how the historic McBride house, on Clearview Heights in the southern part of King City, has almost totally vanished into the massive redevelopment of the property, which includes a second brand new house.   Newcomers to King City will probably never know of the architectural split personality of this home.   Personally, I think there is no right or wrong to these redevelopment schemes.   They are accommodations designed to hopefully satisfy (if not please) all interested parties.

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