Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nature Canada 2016 calendar/September photo

Photo by Theodore Lo
American Kestrel
(Falco sparverius)

Although I am no longer writing my BarrytheBirder blog, I am still an avid birdwatcher.   The photo above, by Theodore Lo, was taken near Simcoe, Ontario, and was selected by Nature Canada for inclusion in its recently released 2016 calendar, to illustrate the month of September.   Kestrels are one of our smallest raptors and are readily seen sitting of utility wires or wire fences, along country roads in King Township.   They are skittish however and do not make it easy for photographers to get close-up pictures of them, without binoculars, spotting scopes or telephoto camera lenses.   Mr. Lo has captured this bird in a very animated pose with its beak wide open and its feathers definitely ruffled.   Mr. Lo was quoted as saying "... it flew away once I started shooting with my camera ... I was fortunate to be able to get this image."
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Barry Wallace

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