Monday, November 30, 2015

Kingcrafts ~ Christmas Sale

                              Yellow and blue summer flowers
        Evangeline Munns                       

Kingcrafts held the final day of its Christmas crafts show and sale, at its studio on Keele Street in King City, on Sunday, November 29.   Pictured here are a few of the paintings that were on sale.   Paintings are perennial favourites, as are jewellery and pottery. 

 Great Waters
Shirley Binns

A. J. Miller

Sapphire Lake
Mui Ching Davey

 Perce Rock
Shirley Binns
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Barry Wallace


  1. Lovely. Used to go there every year when they had their November art sale; and always came back with treasures. One artist, a lovely lady, with whom I became good friends with was Liselotte Bollmann. who used to do Scherenschnitte (paper cutting with scissors). Her work was amazing. She and her husband were wonderful people, now both have died.
    Kingcrafts is associated with many beautiful memories.
    Do you know how many years ago they started having this sale?

  2. I suppose all the old quilters have gone to pieces?