Friday, September 16, 2016

A buzz on the backyard hibiscus...

Photo by Barry Wallace
Quart of honey means 48,000 miles of flight
"A bee culturist has figured out some interesting data concerning the work of bees in gathering honey.   He calculates that a quart of honey represents no less than 48,000 miles of flight between the hive and flowers.   Also, that in June, which is the busiest month of the season, the workers of one colony easily cover as much as twice the distance between the earth and moon in one day.   The distance of the moon from earth is 237,400 miles.   Therefore the gathering of about 10 quarts of honey means, totaling the flight of all the workers of the colony, a flight of some 475,200 miles." 
- - Popular Mechanics, December, 1911, p.889.
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Barry Wallace

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