Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Roadside tribute to Nick Heintzman

Photo by Barry Wallace
A roadside tribute of flowers and memorabilia quickly appeared at the site of a single-car accident on the 16th Sideroad of King, just west of Keele Street, which took the life of 22-year Nick Heintzman of King City, on September 19.
His funeral service was held on Saturday, September 24 and his interment was at Aurora Cemetery.
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  1. Very sad, I did not read about this in the local paper. I drove down Keele St. that morning and wondered why the police had 16th blocked off. The previous week the had the Lloydtown Aurora Rd blocked and Dufferin going west and I never heard about that accident either.

    Ironic that this picture was posted on the 1st anniversary of the death of the Leville Lake family. Another very sad tragedy.

  2. Such a tragedy. Nick was an amazing kid that was a great friend of my sons.
    He will be missed, I can't imagine how his family is feeling. Rest in perfect peace Nicky xxxx