Thursday, September 22, 2016

Old potato chip factory to make way for condos

 Photos by Barry Wallace
60 condominium stacked townhome units proposed for west side of Keele Street in King City
A sign on Keele Street and an ad in this week's King Weekly Sentinel both announce the application for a public meeting concerning a proposed zoning by-law amendment which would allow for 60 condo townhouses, 270 square metres of commercial floor space, plus 97 parking spaces and two driveways to be created on the site of the one-time potato chip factory.   The public meeting is to take place in the township offices at 6 p.m. on Monday, October 17th.   The rezoning proposal also includes the residential property (see photo at bottom), immediately south of the industrial site.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Back in the day, we'd ride our bikes to the Watson potato chip factory. They would hand out a cardboard box full of seconds, usually ones that had been left in the deep fryer a little too long - warm and crispy.

  2. I remember that too! We'd walk down there after school. :-)