Wednesday, September 21, 2016

And then it was gone...

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Holy Name school now only a memory
Priestly Demolition has done its job to make way for the construction of the new King Township administrative centre and police substation. Construction is expected to be completed next year.   Is it too early to speculate what will become of the hardwood forest immediately to the west (photo at bottom) and the expansive wetlands immediately to the south?   Linda and I feel that surely these lands will remain intact with a certain amount of limited access by the residents of the village and other nature lovers.   A reassuring word from the mayor and the two King City councillors would be quite welcome.   

100 foot maple trees (left)
are to be found to the west and south
of the site for the new township building, as well as connecting wetlands.

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  1. Barry I can't visualize the location - I'm thinking it's across from the cemetery ?