Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Scarecrow in the Holland Marsh

                                    Photo by Barry Wallace

Outstanding in their field
'Silent and ancient, they are the unliving
who stand over the living crop'

The three cleverly-written lines above appear in an article in the August 3rd issue of the venerable British magazine 'COUNTRY LIFE'.   The piece was written by John Lewis-Stempel and nicely illustrated with local photographs from the English countryside.   However it made me think of a photo I took in the Holland Marsh a few years ago, which you see above.   It's one of my favourite photos from 'The Salad Bowl of Ontario'.   I hope you like it also.   Now, I must return the magazine to the waiting room of my otolaryngologist, Dr. William Kaul, in Richmond Hill, who after warning me to bring the magazine back, added; "We know where you live".   On my way Dr. Bill.

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Barry Wallace   


  1. The owners of the Kawartha Dairy are named Crow and the founder who lived next door to the Dairy in Bobcaygeon used to scare my children. Thus the name "scare crow"!

    This sounds like Greek origins from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

  2. Indeed it is a lovely photo. And the comment of Warren Goodman made me smile :-)