Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bond Lake ~ Sunday morning ~ minus 12C

Photos by Barry Wallace
Bond Lake Trail ~ north side - Oak Ridges
I've walked around Bond Lake many times, particularly in the spring, summer and fall, but rarely in the winter.   On Sunday I walked the north part of lakeside trail with my camera. For the first time, I spotted someone ice-fishing, although I'm sure it has happened from time to time, over many years.   I had to really admire this fellow's intrepidity, given the temperature, the wind, and the snow flurries.   Then, as I walked along, I spotted some ancient structures, in the trees, not far from the trail.   I had never spotted them before, because they were likely hidden by the trees and bushes, in full leaf.   There are pictures below of some of them.   They left me imagining...

Oak Ridges Moraine and Oak Ridges Trail are well-named.

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Barry Wallace


  1. There is something magical about kettle lakes...

  2. Looking at the photos of the cabin , you really get an appreciation for the skill required to square and dovetail the logs. The walls look to be in good shape - this would make a nice restoration project.
    If I remember correctly there was a family that lived at the lake- Emmersons ? - they might know the history of the buildings.