Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Toronto Wildlife Centre does it all

Photos: Toronto Wildlife Centre Website
These folks are the best!
My wife and I have visited the Toronto Wildlife Centre, a couple of times, with wild critters in distress.   We've also made cash donations in the past and another one just this past week.   We'll probably make another one later this year.   I can't stress enough how wonderfully the 'TWC' approaches the concern and care for wildlife in distress.   This is absolutely the first and best place to go with a wild creature that needs emergency care.   I'm not suggesting that someone should avoid going to a local vet, especially if the case is a real emergency.   To get a good idea of what these folks are are all about, I suggest checking out their website.   They accept sick and injured wild animals from a huge area, at their facility on the grounds of the old Downsview Airport.   Their address is 60 Carl Hall Rd., North York, just off Keele Street.   See them online at www.torontowildlifecentre.com 

if you wish.


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