Monday, March 13, 2017

Comments on a previous post

 Photos by Barry Wallace

In a blog entry from a week or so ago, I wrote of a walk on the trail around Bond Lake in Oak Ridges, and included some photos of derelict buildings from another time.   Four readers made comments on that blog, one of whom was Robert Campbell.   Robert's comments included the following: "Looking at the photos of the cabin, you really get an appreciation for the skill required to square and dovetail logs.   The walls look to be in good shape - this would make a nice restoration project."   The  photo at left shows just how perfect the unknown cabin builder's work was.   The logs look like they could last another hundred years.   I think I will start with the Town of Richmond Hill's Parks and Recreation Department and make an inquiry about the future of this historical dwelling.   I've often wondered what the future holds for the lake itself and the surrounding lands, including the walking trail.   The area is well used by the people of Richmond Hill and I know of several people from King that frequent it also.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Good luck with your inquiries - please keep us posted.

  2. Many thanks. I'm glad you found the post useful.

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