Sunday, March 19, 2017

Maple Syrupfest a big hit at Cold Creek

                                                                                                                             Photos by Barry Wallace
Making maple syrup
Nigel Hussey, a Cold Creek Executive Committee member, was busy for four hours this past Sunday, showing 'Syrupfest' attendees, adults and children, how to make maple syrup.   Nearby, a volunteer was serving partially frozen maple syrup on a stick that was a big hit with adults and especially the children.   Below are the heavy horses, and one of their handlers, that were providing dozens and dozens of rides for the hundreds of folks and kids.   The horses, Bailey (on the right) and her daughter, Chase (on the left) were gentle giants, as every kid going for a ride just had to pat the horses' noses.  

One of the big highlights of the day for the kids and their parents, was a reptile collection of snakes and turtles (including a Snapping Turtle) from a herpetological preserve in Orillia.   It was a hands-on experience that the kids loved and there were hundreds of pictures taken of the interaction by parents.   The snakes in these photos were Corn Snakes (with the orange bands) and a very big black Rat Snake.   One of the Corn Snakes tried to tie itself into a bow (see below), much to everyone's amusement.

This lad from Aurora, who was completely taken with the snakes, just had to have a snake when asked by a face-painter what he wanted her to paint.   His younger brother also then had to have a snake painted on his face also.   While the snakes were a big hit at the Visitors Centre, the Education Centre was packed as every person in attendance had a plateful of pancakes, maple syrup and three strips of bacon.   All in all, pretty darned good for just $10 per vehicle! 

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Barry Wallace

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