Monday, March 27, 2017

Three Laskay perspectives

The three views of Laskay seen in these photos and painting show, more or less, the same scene.   They show the 6th Concession of King Township as it heads north, down toward the East Humber River, across the bridge and up the other side of the hamlet, towards the King Road and beyond that to the hamlet of Strange.

Above is a print of an A.J. Casson painting of the 6th Concession of King, heading down into the East Humber River valley at Laskay, which the artist painted in 1932.   This print is one of 880 original copies.   Copies are still available, I believe, at www. art country

Photo by Barry Wallace
The scene above is a recently shot photograph depicting the same scene as at top.
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  1. Funny the road in the old black and white has not changed much in its routing and probably still the same bridge. Oh wait, that would be if we were in Quebec!