Friday, March 10, 2017

Weston Rd. & 16th Srd. ~ northeast corner

 Photos by Barry Wallace
What do these signs say?
The three signs/plaques pictured above are known to some people but how many others know nothing about them.   Herewith is a brief explanation of them.

1. The first sign, immediately above, recognizes a nearby tree planting, in 1999, by the Oak Ridges Trail Association, with assistance from The Region of York, King Township and the Schomberg Chamber of Commerce.

2. The 2nd sign, immediately above, recognizes the river passages, portages and trail journeys from Lake Ontario, north to the Holland River, between 1615 and 1800 by the likes of scout Etienne Brule, Father Jean du Brebeuf, explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier and Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe and countless Algonquin and Iroquois natives and fur traders.   This sign was erected by the King Township Historical Society.

3. The third plaque has an engraved map of the Toronto Carrying Place Trail based on artwork by well-known artist C. W. Jefferys.   A number of these large plaques are to be found in locations along the Carrying Place Trail route, including a second one in King Township in the Holland Marsh.

This big boulder also sits at the site of the sign and plaques.   It has nothing on it or engraved into it, but it looks like it is waiting to play host to another historical plaque of some kind.
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Barry Wallace


  1. The boulder could be sign left by the glacier 1000s of years ago.