Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What of Keele Street proposals in King City?

 Photos by Barry Wallace
The status of 12,800 Keele Street, the original site of the Watson Potato Chip factory, is currently described by the Township of King Councillor Cleve Mortellitti as moving through the normal process but GO Train railway issues and King Township issues with Keele Street access and egress have yet to be resolved.   He also told me that this proposal could be ultimately resolved by the end of the year.   The proposal, as posted on a sign on the property, calls for 60 stacked condominium townhouse units in three 3-storey buildings plus 270 square metres (2,700 sq. ft.) of commercial space.

Meanwhile across the street, and a wee bit south, the old Clearview Motors property, recently sold, has a sign (see bottom photo) which states that a site plan development application has been submitted for 48 stacked townhomes (at a density of 109 units per hectare) and measuring four storeys high.   The proposal is shortly to be presented to anyone interested, at a public meeting arranged by the developer, not the Township of King.   Again Councillor Mortellitti commented to me that from what he knows of the proposal, it fails to measure up on many counts and that the process will be long and drawn-out.   Overall, it seems nothing is imminent.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. For those that oppose these population intensifications and are planning to fight them, there is a valid argument that can be used against the town, the region and the OMB depending on who you are presenting to.

    If the property in question is not on a street considered by York Region as a present or future major public transit corridor then the town cannot argue that the re-zoning needs to take place in order to comply with the new federal intensification rules for the region.

    You must also have a valid argument to present that has nothing to do with personal preference, passion etc. For example, the height or style of the new building(s) does not conform with the current style of the neighbourhood.