Monday, August 28, 2017

Dog Tales Festival 2017 ~ huge success

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Thousands of visitors and their dogs
Dog Tales Sanctuary outdid itself again this past Saturday and Sunday in King Township with a free, crowd-pleasing festival that had excellent weather and huge crowds. A voluntary parking fee was the only cost to attendees. Pictured here are several scenes at the event.

Visiting dogs at the festival, that were adopted from Dog Tales over the past few years, wore pink scarves (see photo above) around their collars to identify themselves as members of a group of 1,200 dogs that have been saved by Dog Tales and then adopted.

The two dogs pictured above and below were speedy competitors in a steeplechase pursuit of a mechanical spoor, a very popular event among cheering spectators.

Several dogs, of many different breeds, took part in a retriever water trial...another crowd pleaser.

Small dog ~ small handler

Several photographic stations for taking pictures of dogs were spread throughout the grounds and were used almost non-stop.

The photos above and below show some of the other Dog Tales critters that were on hand to be admired, patted, scratched and photographed. 

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Barry Wallace

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  1. This looks like a great event. Hope more dogs got adopted.