Sunday, August 20, 2017

Laskay Hall being readied to leave Laskay

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Laskay Hall is being raised up in preparation for its removal from the site it has occupied for the past 158 years on Weston Road, in the hamlet of Laskay.

Meanwhile, site preparation for Laskay Hall in Kinghorn at the King Heritage & Cultural Centre is well underway (see photos below).   Completion of the project is still projected to be complete by the end of October and the historic building could be used for display space as soon as the hall is in place.   Full servicing of the old structure is expected to be completed quickly and word is that the traditional Christmas festivities at the Laskay Hall will take place, as normal, later this year.


At the same time as the Laskay Hall relocation is taking place, construction of the new bandshell at the heritage and cultural centre is well underway also (see photos below).

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Barry Wallace

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