Saturday, August 5, 2017

Everything old is new again...then old again

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This King barn at Kettleby was diligently restored five years ago and new wood board cladding was applied to imbue it with renewed life.   Very quickly however, the barn has re-written local history by quickly weathering and turning grey, making it appear to be at least another 50 years old. The new dark, glass and wood, front door (see below) is not entirely in keeping with the heritage aspects of the barn, but it is sort of whimsical.   This transformation is so refreshing when one sees other old township barns that will soon lose their historical appearances and cease to exist. 

Keele Street and the 19th Sideroad
Below are photos of the barn shortly after the it was renovated with new roof-covering, barn-board cladding and new doors and windows.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. I remember it getting a facelift but never noticed how it weathered. You have a real eye for detail Barry.