Friday, August 18, 2017

Time for Hydrangea

Photo by Barry Wallace
This beautiful PG Hydrangea is to be found in King City's Wellesley Park, on the northwest corner of Keele Street and King Road.   It is the time of summer when hydrangea come into their own in many gardens.   I stopped by Black Forest Garden Centre to ask one of the Kohnen brothers if they could identify this hydrangea for me, from the photos I took.   None of the boys were about but their mother, Katherina, was pretty sure it was a PG Hydrangea and she took the time to show me several varieties of hydrangea which they still had in stock.   Youngest brother John showed up and told me that hydrangeas have become tremendously popular and there are now so many varieties and hybrids that many gardeners don't even recognize them.
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Barry Wallace

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