Monday, August 7, 2017

Post and beam construction

Photo by Barry Wallace
Gambrel roof barn rises up
After waxing elegantly a week or so ago about the 'old-new-old' wood barn on Keele Street, at the north end of Kettleby, I was excited to discover on the same day another barn with a similar, classic look.   This one is located on Dufferin Street, east of Kettleby. I had been watching the construction of the new foundation for this barn for several weeks wondering what the upper structure would look like.   Now I know....and tradition prevails.   It matters not to me with what it will be clad: wood or metal or whatever.   It's the overall shape and design that I care about and I do like traditional designs in barns.   But what can I say?   I'm a 75-year-old fart who had a grandfather with a gambrel roof barn.   When I was a kid. I lived on his farm for a year and I loved his barn....and him.
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Barry Wallace


  1. How nice that this barn in particular its roof brings back heartwarming memories.

  2. Thanks for the informative post Barry. I noticed the new barn on Dufferin and though the same thing about how nice it was to keep the traditional shape.

    I am curious to see what the new owners of the land just south of there will build with the million dollar view facing west where you can see well past Shelburne.