Tuesday, August 29, 2017

More photos of Dog Tales Festival

 Photos by Barry Wallace

Pictured above is one of the photo stations at
which festival attendees could take photos of their dogs.

At left, a dog owner shows devotion to her small dog by transporting it about the grounds, which was a long trip for many of the pooches.

Above and below are photos of two of the many exhibit booths by animal welfare organizations attending the event.

The display, pictured above, shows photo portraits of hundreds of Dog Tales adopted dogs and their happy owners. It drew a lot of attention.   Below are two of the festivals entertainment features: an amazing balloon-bedecked merry-go-round and one of the live-entertainment performers. 

This walkway featured a beautifully decorated pergola of clear balloons, flowers and greenery.

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Barry Wallace 


  1. Thanks for sharing these great photos Barry. It is so nice to see someone who is so passionate about taking care of neglected and rejected animals.

  2. Agree with all what Warren Goodman has said.