Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sign on Warren Road in King City

Photo by Barry Wallace
Popcorn ceilings a thing of the past
Here's a sign (photo above) that I'd never seen before, in King City or anywhere else.   It seems popcorn ceilings in houses are a thing of the past.   Who knew?   My wife says everyone is getting rid of them.   She also told me that some buyers looking for older homes won't even look at a house with popcorn ceilings!     It seems to be a frenzy and now contractors are providing a specialty service to remove such ceilings.   I don't understand the fuss, but now I'm wondering if Linda is thinking maybe our popcorn ceilings need to go.   Already, I'm wishing I had not said a word about them.
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Barry Wallace     


  1. If it was my company I would call it "Orville's Popcorn Ceiling Removal"!

  2. I think the issue is the poor quality of plumbing in homes after 1998. One leak, the whole ceiling has to be redone because the patina of the popcorn can't be matched. Tiny plumbing fixes become huge expenses...