Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bodacious Bentley

 Photos by Barry Wallace
It seems to me, that lately, I haven't noticed as many really expensive cars parked in front of Hogan's Inn or Locale Restaurant, in King City.   On Saturday however I spotted this Bentley convertible (2015 or 2016?) and I had to re-think my assumption.   This car probably goes for about $275,000 Canadian.   No doubt there are Brits who would declaim against my use of the American slang 'bodacious', a combination of bold and audacious, but I always liked the word and I think it fits this beauty.   Actually, it's Volkswagen that now owns Bentley, although the cars are still made in England.   According to Wikipedia, China is now the largest market for this luxury automobile.

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Barry Wallace

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