Sunday, July 24, 2016

The squirrel with the raccoon tail

Photos by Barry Wallace

Linda and I have had many squirrels at the backyard birdfeeders this summer, but since we changed to a new 'squirrel-proof' feeder, they have mostly disappeared into neighbouring yards.   The exception is the grey squirrel with the extravagant black, white and grey ringed tail pictured here.   The new birdfeeder does drop a few seeds to the ground, and this critter with the distinctive tail is there to gather them up.
The new feeder is working so well, especially for the small birds, that we have decided to get a second one.   We'll probably buy a bigger model also, of the same kind, for the larger birds.   The feeders are not cheap, but neither is wasted bird seed (courtesy of the squirrels), which we are always raking up and throwing out with the yard waste.

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Barry Wallace


  1. I am glad you guys feel the bird feeder is an investment, it sure has made a difference in our
    garden too, we do get a flock of starlings every day and they have managed to get seed
    after a few practice runs even though we have another feeder.

  2. Please post photo and info about feeder. Ellen