Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Chipmunks are really fast and have big mouths!

Photo by Barry Wallace
When you are as small as a chipmunk you have to have something else going for you if you want to get a decent share of the nuts and seeds at the bird feeders.   Barging ahead of you are the grey squirrels, the black squirrels, the red squirrels, the blue jays, the grackles, the mourning doves and even the cardinals and cowbirds.   First of all, you have to be very, very fast.   Secondly, you have to be tenacious, and thirdly you must have really, really big cheeks.   The one pictured here has an interesting combination of characteristics.   At any any moment it seems terrified of its own shadow, and then, a moment later, is in the thick of the feeding frenzy with all the bigger critters.

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Barry Wallace


  1. Cats are chipmunks biggest enemy in our garden!

  2. what a cute picture you took of him

  3. My chipmunk has created clusters of sunflower plants all over my yard. It buries them in hordes all over the yard, they get wet and germinate clusters of plants. Took me a few weeks to figure out what was going on. Bird feeder plus chipmunk = guerilla gardening.