Monday, July 25, 2016

Butterflies at hummingbird feeder

 Photos by Barry Wallace
Both the Red Admiral butterfy (above) and the Mourning Cloak butterfly (above right) are common in this part of the country, but seeing them side-by-side sipping nectar from one of our hummingbird feeders is a good enough reason for me to take a photo of them.   They both have their wings folded up and their proboscises inserted in the feeding ports from which they are drawing nectar.   In the photos below, both butterflies are seen from above displaying their more recognizable and colourful markings.   The Red Admiral is the upper one and the Mourning Cloak ios the lower one.   While we haven't had as many hummingbirds this summer as usual, there are lots of butterflies out and about.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. There seems to be more butterflies this year,love the black one,what do you have to feed the humming birds, we have one but haven't found anything for them they like?