Friday, July 8, 2016

Doubters one moment ~ daredevils the next

                                                                                  Photo by Barry Wallace
We had four of the grandchildren at Cold Creek Conservation Area last Saturday for a go at the high ropes course.   There was lots of bravado before we got there, but some trepidation when they arrived and looked up.   The township summer staffers took over and did an amazing job of getting the two 8-year-olds and the two ten-year-olds off the ground and getting them up, up, way up high.   Within 20 minutes they were like monkeys and then spent an hour and a half amazing their proud grandparents and freaking out the parents.   It cost 15 bucks a kid, but I can't say enough about what we all got for the money.   What an incredibly positive experience for the kids!
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Barry Wallace       

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