Saturday, July 2, 2016

Historic house reappearing in Strange

 Photos by Barry Wallace
This house may be over 160 years old
This ancient house has been standing at 13,500 Weston Road, in the hamlet of Strange, between the King Road and the 15th Sideroad for decades...maybe 16 decades or so.   It has been hidden in shadows, back from the road, by large trees, dead trees, shrubs, bushes and tall grass and weeds.   Suddenly, there is activity on the site as dead trees are being cut down, a 7' chain link fence is being erected around the site and the property appears to be receiving some grubbing by heavy equipment.   According to my friend Bert Duclos of Kettleby, this property dates back to the early 1800s.   Back in 1839, it was first purchased by Richard Machell, who sold it a year later to his son-in-law, William Wells.   William, who was also known as Squire Wells, had the hamlet of Williamstown (later called Strange) named after him.   This property was in the Wells family for many decades.   According to the Township of King, there are two owners of this property today.   One is Chia Incorporated and the other is Peter Orr.   The property is in the Nobleton ward of Councillor David Boyd, who has asked township staff to check into any change of status or development proposal for this historic building and property.    

This large brick home has stood in the middle of the historic hamlet of Strange for what seems forever.
What is to become of this township landmark?   Will it possibly be restored, either fully or partially?   Will it fall under a wrecking ball?
Hopefully, information of its ultimate fate is forthcoming soon.   I have tried to reach Mr. Orr but have not be successful so far.

if you wish.

Barry Wallace

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