Thursday, October 13, 2016

Banjo is actually a 'banjolin', says Bob

             Bob Wallace

My brother, and one-time member of  'The King City Slickers', Bob Wallace, has informed me that what I thought was a banjo (in an earlier blog) is actually a banjolin - see picture at left.   Bob's been pickin' and pluckin' stringed musical instruments all his adult life.   In a message he sent to me he says "The banjo in your picture is a "Banjolin"...eight strings and quite popular in its day for mandolin players".   Bob, along with King City friends Russ DeCarle and Keith Glass were original members of the bluegrass band 'The King City Slickers',  during and after high school, in the 70's.   Russ and Keith went on to be the founders of the acclaimed Canadian  country swing band PRAIRIE OYSTER.
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Barry Wallace

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