Friday, October 28, 2016

The decline of a great barn

The east silo of the massive Marylake barn
has had its conical roof partially collapse in on itself.   The west silo is probably not far behind in this sad and unfortunate demise of a King Township landmark.   We all are left to wonder about its ultimate fate.

Meanwhile, Marylake is still blessed by its lush setting of forests and fields surrounding the lake itself.   

Pictured above (right) is a table full of glassware, left over after a garage sale two weeks ago at the barn.

At left, the unmistakable Marylake Shrine bell tower, steeple and cross.

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Barry Wallace 

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  1. That is such a shame. There are not many such brick barns in Canada. This place could be a wonderful venue for an art gallery. I just came back from Berlin and saw old, damaged, run down buildings converted into beautiful art galleries. It could even become a nice coffee shop. Don't know why nothing positive is happening to it. Hope it will be saved.