Saturday, October 29, 2016

Signs at Hwy. 27 and Dr. Kay Dr. in Schomberg

 Photos by Barry Wallace

Presumptuous claim on roadside sign?
The two signs, pictured above, have recently appeared on the north-west corner of Hwy. 9 and Dr. Kay Drive.   The message on the sign in the lower photo suggests (make that declares) that the centre of Schomberg will occupy this retail development site.   Says who?   What about the even larger Brownsville Junction site on the south-west corner of the same intersection.   What about those who feel that the Trisan community recreation centre, with its hockey rink, curling club, and fitness centre, is the centre of the communitiy universe?   And, of course, what about Main Street, famous locally, plus far and wide.   In fact, this presumption, may be the wake-up call for a commercially declining Main Street Schomberg to restore itself once more before the chance disappears forever.   I'm not suggesting as ambitious an effort or imitation of the uber-chic or trendy main streets in Kleinburg or Unionville, but rather a tempered yet viable commercial and social marketplace with multi bonfide historic references and landmarks.   Is it still possible?'s hoping.
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Barry Wallace

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