Saturday, October 1, 2016

THE GAMBIT Barber Shop opens in King City

Photos by Barry Wallace
Barbers Daniel (left) and Sal (right) are partners in the new barber shop in King City called THE GAMBIT.   They are located a few doors south of Hogan's Inn, on the west side of Keele Street, just south of the King Road.   They were serving up free barbecue and refreshments on Friday afternoon to passersby and customers, which was to be followed in the evening with an official ribbon cutting by the the mayor and more refreshments.   If the number of barber chairs in the shop (there are six!) is any indication, there should be no waiting whatsoever for a haircut.

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Barry Wallace


  1. As a kid , there was a barbershop (1 chair) on the northwest corner of Nip Armstrongs' (Hogans). There was a giant pool table in the backroom - the barber always had a cigarette on his lip and sometimes he'd stop cutting your hair , put down the scissors and walk over to the radio and listen as the results of the last horse race from Woodbine would be announced. He'd then go outside to the phone booth make a call -I later learned it was to his bookie - come back in pick up the comb and scissors and continue cutting your hair. I forget the fellows name.