Friday, October 14, 2016

Sky-high concrete

Photo by Barry Wallace
These monster delivery rigs never fail to impress me when they show up on King City's residential streets and off-load concrete into foundation forms for new houses.   When I was a teenager I worked for a couple of summers on new house building sites in King and pushed my share of wheelbarrows full of concrete.   I remember pushing what I thought were incredibly heavy loads of concrete over rough and uneven ground, up wobbly, slanted planks and other narrow spots, always pleading with myself, under my breath, not to spill a load.   I was strong, but I only weighed 150 lbs.    I was wobbly, but willing.   It was all part of life's rich pageant ... and I made few bucks too.
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Barry Wallace   


  1. And you didn't have a cell phone in your hand to distract you!

    1. Love that relevant observation, John. Regards, Barry