Saturday, October 8, 2016

'King Remembers: ART and WAR' at museum

Photos by Barry Wallace

King Cultural & Heritage Centre presents 'King remembers ART and WAR' from October 3 to November 17 at the centre in Kinghorn, at 2920 King Road.   Artwork and artifacts will be on display, such as the WW1 12" shell casing (at left) that was assiduously engraved in a military motif, marking the end of the war.   While actual war artifacts are few, there is a wealth of information and photography to tell the story of the times and events.   The museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays. 

Above left is a WW1 banjo , which features a very short neck; an advantage no doubt for someone moving from place to place under the stress of constant warfare.  Upper right shows a soldier taking some time, in a rustic setting, to write in a diary or perhaps a letter home. 

At left is one of the interactive activities in which visitors can participate by trying to answer questions about the times and events early in the last century.

At bottom, even the floor of the museum temporarily and artistically presents a somewhat stoical sentiment. 

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Barry Wallace


  1. The banjo in your picture is a ''Banjolin''.Eight strings and quiet popular in it's day for mandolin players.

  2. Thank you for posting this interesting exhibit. I will definitely attend. I have never seen the Arthur Lismer poster before. car2heaven