Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monarchs missing...

Photo by Denise Georgekish
Where are the Monarch Butterflies?
I was sitting on the back deck recently, enjoying some Brie cheese on a slice of tasty artisan bread which I purchased at the King City Farmers Market and was sipping from a glass of chilled Jackson-Triggs  Sauvignon Blanc, which was pleasantly tasty and tangy, when a Monarch Butterfly settled upon several dahlia flowers in the the garden.   I had only seen one Monarch in the backyard so far this summer and decided to take a picture of this one.   By the time I got my camera, the monarch had moved on.   I waited for a few minutes but it didn't return.   I decided then that I would rerun a photo of three fritillary butterflies that my sister Denise had taken a year of so ago on the shores of James Bay in Quebec.   It is one of my favourite butterfly pictures and I've always been proud of Denise for this wonderful photo.   I hope you enjoy it also.
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Barry Wallace

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