Sunday, October 30, 2016

Interesting booklet I never knew I had

Photo by Barry Wallace
Papilio cresphontes

Photo by Barry Wallace
Danaus plexippus

I recently came across a small booklet in my bookshelves that I never knew I had.   It is called ANIMAL ENERGIES and is written by Gary Buffalo Horn Man and Sherry Firedancer.   It was originally published in 1992, by Dancing Otter Publishing in Lexington, Kentucky.   Garry and Sherry have a holistic view of the world that regards all animals, fish and insects in this world as our brothers and sisters.   Below, (in part), is a passage that describes and reflects upon one of 58 creatures with which we share our world.

"There are many species of Butterfly.   All begin as caterpillars which feed on plants...until they gain enough mass to form a cocoon and transform.   The emergent Butterfly feeds on flower nectar.   Some butterflies such as the Swallowtail, live for only one month, enough time to find a mate.   Others can live much longer.   Some, such as the Monarch, migrate up to 3,000 miles.   Butterfly represents balance.   These air-dancers are themselves beautifully coloured and patterned.   They feed on flowers, which they help pollinate, thereby further spreading their beauty.   They represent the element of Air, quickly changing and ever moving, so gracefully.   If Butterfly has come to you, it might be bringing a message that whatever you were thinking or doing when it appeared is balanced and harmonious for you. They are messengers of the moment.   Once when I was contemplating a decision, a Butterfly relative landed on my hand for a brief second.   The message came through clearly that the decision I was making was the right choice for me.   Whenever an ecosystem is damaged, Butterfly is usually the first to leave.   They are especially sensitive to the harmony of Earth Mother's ways.   If Butterfly has come to you in a hurt, trapped or ill way, you are being told to stop disturbing the natural design of life and to flow with events in a more gentle, natural way".

ANIMAL ENERGIES is an easy, inspired and meaningful read, and is still in print and available today.   Info can be sourced on-line.
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Barry Wallace

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