Wednesday, October 5, 2016

King City Cemetery

 Photos by Barry Wallace
The perfect sanctuary ~ whatever the season

Some of the huge trees in the cemetery seems to rival the 129-year
longevity of the burial ground itself.

Above, form and function combine to provide rest and reflection.

The monument at right makes me think how charming it was that a lady named Daisy married a fellow named Sparrow and she would carry the name of a flower and a bird (Daisy Sparrow) for all of her married life.

Monuments of today comes in shapes and sizes that do not necessarily resemble the traditional monuments of years and centuries gone by.

Autumn colours 
can often soften
the sombreness 
and severity 
that gravestones, 
by their nature 
and appearance, 

The McClure family
monument seen here
at left is indubitably 
graced by the leaves 
and blossoms
of the flowering
shrub beside it.

Please comment if you wish.
Barry Wallace


  1. This is a classic "Camera on King" report, thanks!

  2. Very insightful Barry. Did you take a photo of the deadhouse?

  3. Thank you, Barry. Nice photos and comments as always

  4. Your comments are greatly appreciated folks.
    Regards, Barry

  5. My great uncle (Earl Campbell) was the caretaker of the cemetery in the 60's. Our Dad would take me and my brother to visit him from time to time. He kept a book of all the graves he had dug and the people who were buried in them. Most of them he would know personally. I remember him telling us that he and his brother Archie had agreed that whoever died first , the other had to dig the grave. Earl had his spot picked out at the base of a giant maple , knowing that the roots would cause hours of grief for his brother.