Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ed Millar side trail at Seneca College

                                                                                                Photos by Barry Wallace

The Ed Millar Side Trail (part of the Oak Ridges Trail at Seneca College) has switched from a green trail to an orange path as autumn commands the scene.

Above, the beaver marsh dam has been breached and water levels are down considerably.

A Garter Snake takes advantage of a warm and sunny mid-October afternoon before its hibernation begins.

A 10"-wide maple leaf grows from a 6' sapling (above, at left) which has a diameter of only 3/8", about half the width of my thumb.   Remarkable, yes?

Red oak leaves on the Oak Ridges Moraine

An old abandoned wash tub, in the woods near the trail, is a reminder of the farming origins of the Seneca College property.

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Barry Wallace

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  1. Thank you again for sharing beautiful autumn pictures.